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An Unified Theme for Ubuntu

Posted by Paolo Sammicheli on January 27, 2009

During the last Ubuntu-it Meeting we talked about what we should love to see in the next release of Ubuntu. We called this session “Messages in a Bottle” because me and Milo where planning to attend UDS Jaunty.

One idea I really liked was about the creation of a Unified Theme for Ubuntu. Hey, I’m not talking about making Kubuntu brownish by default 😉 I’m talking about giving a chance to have a unified theme to the users who use mixed application in their daily work (KDE apps under GNOME or vice-versa). Other distributions made it long time ago already (i.e.: Mandrake with Galaxy). After talking further about it with many people I opened an idea on Brainstorm.

Take a look at it: vote and comment!

3 Responses to “An Unified Theme for Ubuntu”

  1. ethana2 said

    I rely on many Windows and KDE apps on my gnome desktop, so I am in favor of this.

  2. Michael "QGtkStyle" Howell said

    Actually, this shouldn’t be necessary. Really, when I change the theme, all apps need to adopt it.

    Google QGtkStyle, gtk-qt-engine, and package them by default should _really_ solve the problem, instead of just working around it.

  3. Laurent said

    I second QGtkStyle packaged and configured by default on Ubuntu.
    Whatever gtk theme I choose, qt4 apps look the same.

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