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Ubuntu-it at School

Posted by Paolo Sammicheli on May 17, 2009

Last Saturday, I was in Pontedera (Pisa) with Dario talking about Ubuntu and Free Software to the students of the “Instituto Pacinotti“. Members from Pisa and Empoli LUGs joined us and we appreciated it very much. Also, an unexpected member of Ubuntu-it attended the presentation, the funniest Forum moderator of the world: Jeremie Tamburini.

A full photo reportage is available on my Ipernity Account.

The meeting was good and the students were really involved, asking us a lot of questions. After the event we had lunch with some of the teachers of the school and members of the LUGs, trying to figure out future activities in that school.

We discussed an idea: starting some educational activities where Ubuntu should just be an enabler of those activities, instead of continuing to spread Free Software only by talking about Technology.

This kind of methodology sounded nice to all of us because in this way we can involve students of all ages.

Following are some of the ideas we had:

  • Organize a TuxMath tournament with some prizes (Ubuntu Netbooks, USB sticks, etc). We will look for some sponsors but the amount of money we need it’s really low (~500 Euros).
  • Create an Ubuntu Live CD with Tux Math and full Italian localization dedicated to the event, including wallpapers, musics and other stuff created from the students.
  • Organize some activity with the English teachers where students translate Free Software. The school we met just started helping us with Full Circle Magazine translation, and we would like to extend this kind of activities, also with Upstream projects.
  • A space in the Italian Weekly Newsletter where Students can write articles about Free Software and their experiences. In that institute already exist a “journalism lab” so we would like to create some kind of synergy with them.

Stay tuned, we’ll see great things happening!

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