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Ubuntu 10.04 Coming Soon: The Video

Posted by Paolo Sammicheli on April 8, 2010

Weeks ago Leo Iannacone sent me a link through instant messaging. He was playing with Inkscape, Gimp and Kdenlive making a video. I liked very much his ideas since the beginning and I started contributing in his little project. At the end this is the result:

Now what? Why we don’t try to share it through social media making the hype? 😉

12 Responses to “Ubuntu 10.04 Coming Soon: The Video”

  1. […] the Paolo Sammicheli help (that cared about the audio and the communication side) we made a “coming soon” […]

  2. Francois said

    Well, it’s looking OK, but still a bit amateurish. I don’t blame the authors, I know it’s still hard to produce high quality videos on Linux. I blame particularily the fonts used, they look very “default” and unattractive. The idea is good, the way it’s presented is not up to the idea I think.

  3. I liked it… except for the horrible font.

    What is that music?

  4. lelamal said

    I agree with Francois: nice idea, but needs to be improved!

  5. Martijn said

    I think it’s a bit childish to “kick” Microsoft in an Ubuntu promotion-clip..

  6. Aoirthoir An Broc said

    From the beginning I’ve not liked any of these. The only reason people like them that DO like them, is because they have a prejudice towards Ubuntu already. NOT A ONE of these videos will convince anyone to even explore Ubuntu who has not already been introduced to it, or has a friend trying to convince them to use it. I certainly would not use these videos in any of my advertising campaigns.

    If you want to bill these as learning experiments and nothing more, sure fine, have fun learning these tools. But just pull off the blinders and realize they’re no better than any video I would make. And that is telling.

  7. […] kurzes Ubuntu 10.04 “Coming Soon” Video Leo Iannacone hat mit Paolo Sammicheli`s Hilfe ein kurzes Ubuntu 10.04 “Coming Soon” Video erstellt, welches mit Gimp, […]

  8. Todd Morgan said

    Can you add a dude saying “In a World….” ??? He doesn’t need to saying anything else. “In a world” is enough to begin a trailer. If you can add that and pick a cooler font you’d have an epic. 🙂

  9. […] Video courtesy of Paolo Sammicheli […]

  10. lassegs said

    This is a great idea, good music, good flow. Like the others have said, fix the fonts, and maybe flash some more features at the end. And delay the scene where it says “Ubuntu 10.04” til the last “drop” in the music, and then just let it hang there for about 3 seconds. That would be awesome.

  11. I like what you’ve done, I think the posts here are far too negative.

    Run with it and play with the ideas, I have some ideas of my own but I’ve been struggling with the tech to use to do it. Can you explain more in depth of it was produced?

    • @Martin:

      My part of the work consisted in cutting the sound track and adding the drum roll in the beginning. I found it in another song from the same author. I used just Audacity that, after being familiar with the rude user interface, it did the job well.

      I asked the same question to Leo who replied:

      1. I used inkscape for creating the writes and numbers for count down in png format.
      2. I used GIMP for resize the background image and screenshot, which comes from new brand wikipage
      3. I Imported everything in kdenlive, using it just for putting images in the right timing with music and produce the video.

      What was more more difficult was to deal with kdenlive. It is very demanding in hardware resources and in very decent computers like core2 duo with 2Gb Ram, it slow during previewing. What we really need for make easier video production is a decent video editor.

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