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Debian-Ubuntu Community Conference, ITA 2010

Posted by Paolo Sammicheli on September 21, 2010

During UDS Maverick, in Bruxelles, I met the Debian Project Leader Stefano Zacchiroli. Being both Italians we spoke often during the coffee breaks and we discussed further about his keynote’s topic: improving collaboration between Ubuntu and Debian. We agreed that one good way to improve the collaboration between two groups would be to make people from each other communities knowing better sharing time and experiences together. We said “let’s start from Italy”. In the same days Alexjan Carraturo from FSUG Italia (Italian Free Software User Group) wrote me about the Software Freedom Day which they were organizing in an high school in Perugia and proposed me to organize the next Ubuntu-it Meeting in the same day because the Math department not far from that high school, with big auditoriums and internet access for everybody, would be happy to host us.
I replied him with “yes, Ubuntu-it will come and we’ll bring friends too 😉 “
Stefano Zacchiroli and Paolo Sammicheli
We choosed several topics for the conference: testing, packaging, triaging, translation, bug reporting. All the session were held by mixed speakers from both distros and we showed differences and similarity in both distros. I made also a Marketing Session with Italo Vignoli, president of the OpenOffice Italian linguistic project who I thank again for joining us.
Italo Vignoli
Sunday we had a round table about the role of the women in the free software and how to incourage women in partecipating in our communities. The discussion was lead by Flavia and Silvia from Ubuntu-it and Francesca and Anne from Debian. Indeed a topic to cover more during next meetings.
When we organized this, the idea was to show that it can be done. The title has been selected in English for being re-used all around the world. I would like also to share the Slide Intro I made for the speakers (I hate the idea of a slide template because kill creativity, but a common first slide looks like a good compromise). Here’s the odp file.
Debian Ubuntu Community Conference
Take it, change the country/year and organize it in your place! You’ll have a lot of fun 🙂

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LoCo Testing Team HowTo

Posted by Paolo Sammicheli on September 2, 2010

I finally completed the wiki page about the Italian experience in ISO Testing:

I would really love if other LoCos would like to start ISO TESTING contributing in making Ubuntu everyday better.  I also ask you to continue improving that page sharing your experiences as well.


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