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Italian Ubuntu Party 2011

Posted by Paolo Sammicheli on May 4, 2011

Last weekend we had the first Italian Ubuntu Party. We made it in the pretty city of Schio (VI). Everything worked fine, thanks to the indefatigable Ubuntu-it Rockstar Dario Cavedon. During two days we had 24 Talks, Install parties and a lot of chat :).

It has been a really nice event and I’m really looking forward to organizing the next one 🙂

Thanks to all the people from the LUGs who helped Dario organizing it, and the Ubuntu-it Members coming from differents part of the country.


2 Responses to “Italian Ubuntu Party 2011”

  1. Charles Profitt said

    Organizing two days of events is never an easy task; congratulations to the organizers. I hope the event inspires many future events.

  2. This came up in Google under the tag-line “Sex, Ubuntu and rock and roll”

    While I don’t have the energy for the sex and rock ‘n’ roll much these days, I thought I’d stop by for the Ubuntu.

    Well done for any launch event, that’s a lot of effort. RC

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