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Don’t Kill Your Audience! Enlighten Your Presentation Style!

Posted by Paolo Sammicheli on July 21, 2011

Today I made a session at the Ubuntu Community Week about presenting. For those who may have missed it, you can download the PDF Handout which includes slides and the script.

Enjoy! ­čÖé

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Posted by Paolo Sammicheli on January 24, 2011


Last weekend we hold a conference in the nice town of Fermo, called Ubuntu@Fermo. Andrea Colangelo organized everything in every little detail and the weekend was just perfect.

The event location was a conference center held by the municipality of Fermo and made into a┬á´╗┐deconsecrated church, really an amazing venue:

During the evening we spoke about the Ubuntu project and how to partecipate, the Ubuntu Women project, the o´╗┐pportunistic development in Ubuntu and the great Andrea Colangelo’s Talk “Debunking Ubuntu myths”.

Thanks to Canonical for the nice gift they sent just in time for the conference and for the Conference Pack:

More photos available:

Really a great conference!

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Shiny Unofficial Karmic Cover

Posted by Paolo Sammicheli on October 28, 2009

Just in time before Karmic release Aldo Latino, member of Ubuntu Italian LoCo Team, uploaded his Unofficial CD Cover to Spread Ubuntu.

Karmic CD Box

In Spread Ubuntu you’ll find:

Also, if you’re looking for some inspiration, take a look at the full collection of his material he uploaded there.

Download it, translate it, modify it and share it back again on Spread Ubuntu!

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Spreading Spread Ubuntu

Posted by Paolo Sammicheli on June 1, 2009

Aldo Latino, member of Italian LoCo Team, just upload all his material to Spread Ubuntu.


Aldo is well know in Italian Ubuntu Community because his fabulous Ubuntu CD Cover. Now he translated it in English and he published it with sources in Spread Ubuntu Site for the international community. Translating it in your own language and uploading it again in Spread Ubuntu┬á it’s the best way to thanks him.

Let’s make Aldo happy ­čÖé

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