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Posted by Paolo Sammicheli on January 24, 2011


Last weekend we hold a conference in the nice town of Fermo, called Ubuntu@Fermo. Andrea Colangelo organized everything in every little detail and the weekend was just perfect.

The event location was a conference center held by the municipality of Fermo and made into a deconsecrated church, really an amazing venue:

During the evening we spoke about the Ubuntu project and how to partecipate, the Ubuntu Women project, the opportunistic development in Ubuntu and the great Andrea Colangelo’s Talk “Debunking Ubuntu myths”.

Thanks to Canonical for the nice gift they sent just in time for the conference and for the Conference Pack:

More photos available:

Really a great conference!


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Italian LoCo Testing Team Survey

Posted by Paolo Sammicheli on December 4, 2010

At last UDS we discussed about The LoCo Testing, and about what we made in the Italian LoCo Team. Most of the info already passed through the mailing lists so I don’t need to put all the data here.
What I would like to analyze further is the results of a little survey I made for the Italian Testing Team, just before the UDS. Let’s take a look:

I asked to all people subscribed to the mailing list to fill the survey, even if they aren’t approved member of the team. (to be approved member you need to keep testing, you expiry from the team if you miss two milestone in a row). 64% of the people who filled the survey were members.

I also asked the age. This is really interesting in my opinion. As you can see, being an online activity is something that fit well with all ages. We’ve contributors ranging from teenagers to mature people. This is powerful! Most of the LUGs I know keep saying that they are missing new generation, and that they’re getting too old.

With this question I wanted to check if we had a concentration from a specific area of the country or if we were well distributed. As you can see we’re present in all the part of our country, from the North, to center and South, and in both islands (Sicilia and Sardegna). The region who haven’t any contributor are the smallest region so it looks like a physiological thing (except maybe for Trentino Alto Adige. Anybody out there?).

Here you can see two main facts: testing brings people to start contributing Ubuntu (46,4%), also testing is not a thing for just new-comers, it’s a nice and interesting activity also for experienced contributors (35,7%).

Another indicator about the value of the team: 46,4% of them work also in another Free Software Project. We’ve people who contribute to upstream or other free software associations. That’s good, because it brings energy to Ubuntu from outside, and also get the Ubuntu spirit and experience going to other’s FS project.

Last indicator. People who do tests do also other things (60,7%) in Ubuntu. This show that a testing team is appealing to people involved in other Ubuntu areas, and also that testing bring new contributors to Ubuntu (4th question) who eventually would start contributing also in other ways.

What’s the point?

If you are a LoCo Leader you should *seriously* consider to start a testing team inside your LoCo. It will give you an healthy online activity which will bring people to your LoCo, and will make people more experienced about Ubuntu development process. They will learn how to report effective bugs, and will become more skilled and effective in helping newcomers. Also, being a pure online activity it will bring people from all around the country to your LoCo.

We have the Testing High Score in the Hall of fame, so will be very funny trying to compete in testing between countries. Natty Alpha1 is out there, I dare you, try to beat us! 🙂

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It’s time for 10.10

Posted by Paolo Sammicheli on October 12, 2010

Fabio “Pixel” Colinelli made a tribute video for the Ubuntu-it Community and Ubuntu 10.10.

Thank you so much Fabio!

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First Debian/Ubuntu Community Conference in Italy

Posted by Paolo Sammicheli on August 25, 2010

The Italian Mini-Debconf and the Ubuntu-it meeting will be held together, in an collaborative community conference called DUCC-IT 2010. It will be held in Perugia on Saturday 18 September, contemporary celebrating the Software Freedom Day 2010. A warm-up hacknight and a key-signing party have been organized for Friday and Sunday (17th-19th Sept) on a local Hacklab. Current Debian Project Leader Stefano Zacchiroli has already confirmed his presence with a keynote.

The time-table is available at (only in Italian) and it will be held at Math Department, University of Perugia. It will cover topics like Packaging, Translations, Bug Reporting, Bug Triaging and ISO Testing. The goal is to gather new contributors and making Developers from both distros know each other improving collaboration.
Previous Ubuntu-it Meeting: May 2010

Previous Ubuntu-it Meeting: May 2010

If you’re in the area you can’t miss it!

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University of Siena continues migrating to Ubuntu

Posted by Paolo Sammicheli on March 17, 2010

The university of Siena (, which is known to be operating since 1240, decided to migrate to Free Software in February 2009. Their decision was motivated by economical and technical aspect and also for fight illegal copies. (more infos, unfortunately just in Italian). The migration was committed to an internal technical group named GNUnisi. They developed an Ubuntu derivate choosing the programs which would fit their needs and started to migrate offices, classes and laboratories. The work went quite smooth during this year and this week they announced the migration of the public reading room “chiesa della rosa”.

This migration is very interesting because, thanks to a project with the municipality of Siena and the Tuscany Region, it will be open also after dinner time, allowing the local Linux User Group and all student’s organization to organize nightly workshops and meetings. Ubuntu-it Weekly Newsletter talked about it last Monday and I would like to share with you this great news in the hope that more universities will start to migrate to Free Software soon.

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I’m going to Fosdem, again :)

Posted by Paolo Sammicheli on February 2, 2010

I’m going to Fosdem again. Really looking forward to Saturday’s LoCo Dinner, YAY!
I'm going to FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting

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Linuxday 2009

Posted by Paolo Sammicheli on October 30, 2009

Late post about last weekend, sorry for the delay.

Saturday 24th October, Linux User Groups of Italy celebrated the ninth Linuxday, an event promoted by the Italian Linux Society, and organized by the Italians LUGs across 123 cities. Ubuntu-it speakers attended some of these events, promoting Ubuntu and how to participate in the community. I did a talk in Siena. You can find my slides on Slideshare and embedded below:

And some photos of the event:

Fixing a computer before the talk.

My talk: Let's Make Ubuntu!

I am what I am because of who we all are

I am what I am because of who we all are

During my talk...

After my talk

During the evening the very talented Luca Mercurio, aucustic guitar in WilloS’ Band demonstrated how to record a song with Ubuntu Studio. Here you can find a short video.

Luca Mercurio demonstrating Ubuntu Studio

Inspired by U2: It’s a beautiful day!

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Shiny Unofficial Karmic Cover

Posted by Paolo Sammicheli on October 28, 2009

Just in time before Karmic release Aldo Latino, member of Ubuntu Italian LoCo Team, uploaded his Unofficial CD Cover to Spread Ubuntu.

Karmic CD Box

In Spread Ubuntu you’ll find:

Also, if you’re looking for some inspiration, take a look at the full collection of his material he uploaded there.

Download it, translate it, modify it and share it back again on Spread Ubuntu!

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G1 USB Tethering with Ubuntu

Posted by Paolo Sammicheli on August 10, 2009

Since the first day I got my G1 I installed the useful WiFi Tether. It’s very useful and it allow to be quickly in the net from any operative system. The bad side is that it drain quickly the battery charge and the phone start to be hot after few minutes.

Today I found a nice program which allow Tethering with USB cable. It don’t need rooted phones, and the phone doesn’t warm up during tethering. It’s called azilink and like WiFi Tether is released under GPL License.

Following few steps to quickly share the Internet connection with your Ubuntu.

  • You need an installed and working Android Developer Toolkit (1.1 or 1.5, I tested it with 1.5)
    • connect your phone and try “adb devices” you should find your device listed, otherwise check the installation.
  • Install azlink‘s apk  with adb
    • adb install azilink-2.0.2.apk
  • Install openVPN
    • sudo apt-get install openvpn
  • Forward port with adb
    • adb forward tcp:41927 tcp:41927
  • Start AzLink in your phone and check “Service active” option to activate it.
  • Start openvpn with provided option file
    • sudo openvpn –config azilink.ovpn
  • Add manually dns server to resolv.conf
    • sudo vi /etc/resolv.conf # or with your favorite text editor, add “nameserver”

That’s all, Enjoy it.

Update: If you want a nice script to make easier VPN on and off take a look here

AzLink main page

AzLink main page

AzLink About

AzLink About

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ConfSL: Facciamo Ubuntu!

Posted by Paolo Sammicheli on June 14, 2009

Last Friday June 12th, Ubuntu-it took part at the third ConfSL, the annual conference about Free Software held in Bologna. Me and Luca Falavigna had a talk with the title “Facciamo Ubuntu” (Let’s make Ubuntu) where we explained how Ubuntu is made and how to contribute to Ubuntu with Bug Triage. At the end of the talk we showed the triaging process working on a bug reported by a guy in the audience. Here are some photos of the session:

Full photo album is here and you can get my slides in slideshare.

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